Ivation Acne Treatment Device, Therapy light Blemish Clearing System

Ivation Acne Treatment Device, Therapy light Blemish Clearing System

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Product Description

Ivation Pulsar Blemish Clearing Device is your key to stopping blemishes before they erupt and bloom.
You don’t have to live with blemishes for days if you zap them when they first appear using the Ivation Pulsar Blemish Clearing Device.



• Easy to use.
• Portable – carry it in your purse or backpack!
• Battery-operated for cord-free application.
• Uses mild heat to kill the bacteria that causes acne.
• Automatic shut-off.

Regular Use

Before using, examine your skin for signs of blemishes that have not yet emerged such as small, itchy areas or signs of irritation in a specific area;
these are indicators of acne that is growing, but not yet fully germinated. Treat such areas with this unit.
• Use as needed when you see emerging blemishes.
• The earlier you start to treat a germinating spot, the better success you will have.
• Treat each area for about 2.5 minutes.
• In a 12-24 hour period, treat the area 2-3 times.
• Watch as blemishes treated with this unit shrink or disappear in about 24 hours when effectively treated.


• This product is not intended for blackheads or whiteheads and does not address these problems.
• The Blemish Clearing Device is designed for acne in its first day or two; applying this treatment to blemishes older than that is not effective.
• Clean the treatment head with alcohol or soap before each treatment.
• Though shock-resistant, this unit can break if dropped onto a hard surface so be careful not to drop it if at all possible.

Box Contents

• Pulsar Blemish Clearing Device.
• User Guide.

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