SwissUltimate Labs Sonic Leaf 3in1 Facial SwissUltimate Labs Sonic Leaf 3in1 Facial

SwissUltimate Labs Sonic Leaf 3in1 Facial

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جهاز منظف الوجه الاصلي المميز

بدون بطاريه  ياتي مع سلك  عUSB


  • Helps restore skin elasticity and enhances absorption and effectiveness of serums, moisturizers, and essential oils
  • يساعد في  تحسين بشره الوجه وياتي معه  سيروم  لاستخدامه
  • Essential Beauty Tool: Deep cleansing ultrasonic vibrations gently remove dirt, oil, makeup, and other impurities away, leaving your skin refreshed
  • لازاله الميك اب والاوساخ والزيوت بكل سهوله ويجعل الوجه رطبا وناعما
  • Custom Facial Massage: Facial brush micro-pulses at a vibration frequency of over 5,000 beats per minute, while providing 14 adjustable levels that will meet your beauty needs
  • Water-Proof Design: Portable and compact system cleanses and invigorates in one step, also perfect for in-shower use. Easily incorporate this device into your daily routine with the built-in auto-timer
  • No Batteries Required: USB charging allowing for hassle-free use, you'll never have to worry about replacements. Conveniently connect and charge the device with any standard USB charger, outlet, computer, or laptop

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