Scentio Beauty Buffet Milk Plus Whitening للوجه

Scentio Beauty Buffet Milk Plus Whitening للوجه

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Scentio Beauty Buffet Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Facial Mask enriched with hydrolyzed milk protein extracts and co-enzyme Q10 hat contains natural powerful antioxidants to promote the growth of new healthy bright skin cells. A soft and smooth texture provides an enhancing natural radiance and incredibly brighten effect for a longer lasting youthful appearance. It is beneficial for all types of the skin.

تعليمات  فضلا قبل ان تستخدم المنتج  لابد من وضع قليل من الماسك اولي علي الوجه لاختبار حساسية الوجه ثم يترك لمدة 48 ساعه

وفي حال عدم وجود اي حساسيه   فيعني المنتج مناسب لبشرتك ويمكنك استخدامه بوضعه علي الوجه

انتظري لمده 15  دقيقه  ثم اغلسي بالماء

يستخدم مره او مرتين بالاسبوع

How To Use

1) Run a skin patch test for 48 hours to test sensitivities and may indicate a possible allergic response or adverse reaction to the product. This is performed either behind the ears or between the toes.

2) If there is no reaction such as inflammation or irritation, the product is suitable to use. Use a proper amount evenly spread onto the face.

3) Smoothing outward from the middle of the face, avoiding the eyes and lip area.

4) Wait for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with water.

5) Use once or twice a week to allow for an optimum "healthy brightening results".



Pure Milk Extract, Co-enzyme Q10, Vitamin B3,  Mineral Oil

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